Product Code Description Size (metres) Colour Unit
WMP13020 Galvanised Weedmat Pin 130mmm Silver 20/bag
WMP130200 Galvanised Weedmat Pin 130mm Silver 200/carton
WMP230200 Galvanised Weedmat Pin Weedmat Pin 230mm Silver 200/carton
WMPP13020 Plastic Weedmat Pin 130mm Black 20/bag
WMPP130200 Plastic Weedmat Pin 130mm Black 200/carton
CLIPWS100 Poly Clips Black 100/bag
K008560 Jute Tree Tie Webbing 50mm x 100m Jute Each
K008561 Jute Tree Tie Webbing 50mm x 33m Jute 48 / outer
TW50100 Tree Tie Webbing Woven 50mm x 100m Black 5 / Carton
TW5030 Tree Tie Webbing Woven 50mm x 30m Black 10/carton


Fabric Clips

Empak Fabric Clips come in black and are used to fix reinforced net edges or eyelets onto wires or posts. The clips are simply pushed through the fabric and pressed closed for a secure grip. They come in both a lockable version for permanent structures, and a re-useable version for temporary netting. Empak Fabric Clips come in a box of 100pc and are suited to most nets in our range.

D Clips

Empak D Clips fix through the eyelets of reinforced nets and are used to connect nets to wire. They are available in boxes of 200pc in black and are suitable for Empak birdsafe nets.

Weedmat Pins

Empak Weedmat Pins are polypropylene pegs available in 13cm length in black and come in a box of 200pc. They are used for easy fixing of ground control fabrics such as our weedsafe and weedsafe pro.

Ground Staple Pins

Galvanised high tensile zinc to prevent rust and ideally shaped for ease of application, Empak ground staples are available in either 13cm or 23cm lengths in packs of 20 or 200 packs.

Storage bags

For secure storage of drape or multirow bird netting, Empak offer heavy duty storage bags made from shade cloth with drawstrings or custom made with reinforced straps and handles.

These can be bought as stock items or you can have your custom length nets pre-packed and delivered in the bags.

* If you need storage bags for a special size or for a certain application, please contact us with your requirement.
*minimums and lead times may apply