Shade Cloth

Empak Premium Knitted Shade Cloth nets offer protection from direct sunlight offering various shading percentages and high UV stabilization. This helps to create a more productive greenhouse environment by providing uniform shading, regulating temperature, and allowing plants to retain more moisture.



Product CodeRoll Size (metres)ColourShade Factor (approx)
SC18330G1.83m x 50mGreen30-35%
SC36630G3.66m x 50mGreen30-35%
SC18350G1.83m x 50mGreen45-50%
SC18350B1.83m x 50mBlack45-50%
SC36650G3.66m x 50mGreen45-50%
SC36650B3.66m x 50mBlack45-50%
SC18370G1.83m x 50mGreen65-70%
SC18370B1.83m x 50mBlack65-70%
SC183701W1.83m x 100mWhite65-70%
SC36670G3.66m x 50mGreen65-70%
SC36670B3.66m x 50mBlack65-70%
SC36670W3.66m x 50mWhite65-70%
SC18380G1.83m x 50mGreen75-80%
SC18380B1.83m x 50mBlack75-80%
SC36680G3.66m x 50mGreen75-80%
SC36680B3.66m x 50mBlack75-80%


  • Premium knitted HDPE Monofilament (Mono/mono yarn)
  • 3.66 rolls are folded to 1.83m width
  • Shade factor is an approximate guide which may vary depending on the actual application, such as, white shading maybe 20% less than Green or Black
  • Ten Year Manufacturers UV Warranty


Shelter your plants, livestock, or manage light exposure with Empak shade cloth. Can be used as part of animal and poultry sheds, covering hothouses, construction scaffolding, screening outdoor areas and around pools, fences and patios or on vehicles when transporting crops, plants, animals or poultry.