Trellis Mesh

Plastic Garden Trellis Mesh is an extruded HDPE UV stabilised square hole Trellis ideal for supporting climbing plants.
Available in a range of Green, Brown or White colours in 40mm mesh or Green in 16mm mesh size.


Product Code Description Dimension Hole Size
TR095G Green 0.90m x 5m 40mm
TR095B Brown 0.90m x 5m 40mm
TR095W White 0.90m x 5m 40mm
TR0930G Green 0.90m x 30m 40mm
TR0930B Brown 0.90m x 30m 40mm
TR0930W White 0.90m x 30m 40mm
TR0930G16 Green 0.90m x 30m 16mm


  • Tree and plant protection
  • Temporary fencing
  • Pest or rodent control