Birdstop® Orchard Netting

BirdStop® Commercial Orchard Nets are manufactured using HDPE yarn for tougher handling and a longer life. Our orchard nets are the ideal mesh size structure to repel birds with minimal shading and excellent air circulation.

Commercial Orchard Nets are simple to install and can be supported by basic post and wire frames, or draped directly over canopy structures. Our netting is UV-stabilised to ensure durability and comes with a 10-year pro-rata UV warranty.

Features and Benefits:

  • Effectively protects crops from birds
  • Versatility in size and colour to protect a range of crops
  • 100% Virgin HDPE
  • 10 Year UV Warranty


7120000Structural Hex Net 20mm White 13mx350m52gsm236.6kg
7120002Structural Hex Net 20mm Grey 15mx350m52gsm273kg
7120003Structural Hex Net 20mm White 15mx350m52gsm273kg
7120004Structural Hex Net 20mm Black 15mx350m52gsm273kg
7120019Structural Net 15mm White10mx100m45gsm45kg
7120020Structural Net 15mm Black10mx100m45gsm45kg
7120022Structural Net 15mm White 5m x 100m45gsm22.5kg
7120023Structural Net 15mm Black 5m x 100m45gsm22.5kg
7120026Structural Hex Net 20mm White 10m x 350m52gsm182kg
7120029Structural Hex Net 15mm Black 15m x 400m52gsm312kg
7120037Structural Hex Net 20mm Black 13m x 350m52gsm236.6kg
7120047Structural Hex Net 20mm Black 20m x 300m52gsm312kg