Weedmat Non Woven

Weed Safe Pro provides protection in controlling the spread of weeds, this ground cover is a strong, non-fraying spunbond polypropylene (PP) fabric used extensively in professional landscaping, and domestic gardens. Available in retail packs and bulk rolls. Weedsafe™ Pro Weed Matting is a premium non-woven, ground cover made from polypropylene (PP), manufactured on ultra modern German machines using the latest technology to provide quality fabrics. The fabric is tested in-house for burst strength, water absorption and UV resistance.


Product CodeDescriptionRoll Size (Metres)WeightColour
WMS1010B60Weedsafe Pro1.0m x 10m60gsmBlack
WMS1025B60Weedsafe Pro1.0m x 25m60gsm Black
WMS1050B60Weedsafe Pro1.0m x 50m60gsm Black
WMS2025B60Weedsafe Pro2.0m x 25m60gsmBlack
WMS2050B60Weedsafe Pro2.0m x 50m60gsmBlack
WMS1050BWeedsafe Pro1.0m x 50m80gsmBlack
WMS2050BWeedsafe Pro2.0m x 50m80gsmBlack


  • Absorbs sunlight therefore reduces photosynthesis and prevents weed growth
  • Environmentally friendly reduces the need for herbicides and other weed controls
  • Special waterflow treatment allows liquids to penetrate into soil quicker and maintains soil humidity during dry periods by reducing evaporation
  • Optimizes growing conditions
  • Resistant to attack by
  • mildew and bacteria
  • UV stabilised for NZ conditions
  • Does not fray, easy to cut and simple to use