Empak is a market leader in the supply of commercial-grade weed suppression matting to the Landscaping and Commercial Grower markets in New Zealand.  Our weedmat range includes:

  • Black spun bonded/non-woven weedmat, is durable, easy to install, and suitable for domestic and landscaped gardens.
  • Black woven weedmat, commercial grade, strong enough for walkable areas in greenhouses and tunnel houses as well as stone gardens and under pavers.
  • White woven weedmat, commercial grade, designed for light-sensitive crops in greenhouses and tunnel houses.
  • Reflective woven weedmat, commercial grade, to enhance the coloration of fruit in the orchard.

We also supply a range of accessories including weedmat pins/staples and claws as well as clips and ties to assist growers with plant and tree training.