Sustainable Growth

Empak is committed to minimising impact on the environment and promoting sustainable practices, by:

  • Providing a safe and healthful working environment.
  • Avoiding waste and recycling where practical, both onsite and for our customers.
  • Minimising energy usage and sourcing from renewables.
  • Being an environmentally responsible neighbour in our community.
  • Sourcing from suppliers with sound ethical & environmental practices.
  • Promoting environmental protection and understanding.
  • Leading the drive for “End of Life” solutions for Protected Cropping products through PLASBACK.

Why are we helping?

Tapex have been supplying protective cropping solutions to Australian & New Zealand farmers for sixty years. Tapex have a long history of taking responsibility for the products they supply at end of life. In 2006 they established the Plasback farm plastics product stewardship scheme in New Zealand. Today, Plasback is still going strong, recycling in a total of 30,000 tonnes off NZ farms annually.


Who is helping?

In addition to Tapex Group and GreenlifeGRO, Plasback is working with other leaders in the horticulture and recycling sectors.