Aster Plus Greenhouse Films

  • Extensive film range stocked: 5.5m – 12m wide.
  • Cut to length market offer or full rolls.
  • Specialised films for Greenhouses, Tunnels, and Poly Tunnels.
  • Suitable for Soft Berries, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Capsicum, Vegetables, Strawberries, Medicinal Cannabis, and all forms of plant growth.
  • Crop-specific films available.


  • 90% light transmission.
  • 55% diffusion.
  • 200um or 180um as a standard offer.
  • UV Open or UV Closed as required.
  • Anti-Virus on specialist film.
  • Anti-Dust and Anti-Drip films.
  • 2000ppm Sulfur and 100ppm for Chlorine.
  • Excellent UV Warranty, certified by Region as requested.
  • Manufactured and tested to European Standards and ISO accredited.

Elite Tunnels, UK Protected Cropping Solutions for Growers

Protected cropping solutions have gradually become more prevalent in the horticultural industry as growers search for increased yields while navigating changing climatic conditions.

Implementation of protected cropping solutions with the latest design of Enviro and High Side polytunnels installed with table-top and trellis systems allow longer harvesting seasons, reduce disease pressure necessitating less chemical input, and facilitate better crop consistency and supply chain management. These benefits have enabled growers to mitigate crop losses and forecast with greater ease as they become non-reliant on weather and working conditions.

Elite Tunnels is a UK-based manufacturer and specialist in polytunnels and associated products, and has recently been acquired by the Australian-owned Tapex Group, adding to their existing portfolio of horticulture companies, including the New Zealand-based operation Empak with facilities in Christchurch and Hamilton. The Elite tunnel design has continually increased its market presence in Australia for the last decade and is now extending its reach in New Zealand, with four major projects in the market to date via Empak.

Advantages of Elite Tunnels:

  1. Highest quality European sourced materials.
  2. Unparalleled service support and response to customer needs.
  3. Highly experienced team with over 15 years in manufacturing and supply across the world
  4. Bespoke table-top and trellis design systems Elite Tunnels global sales manager Ross Watt has been serving and providing solutions in protective cropping to growers in Australasia for over ten years.


Key Contact Details

Ross Watt, Global Sales Manager
Mobile: +44 (0) 7841 532 652

Sam Barker
Mobile: +64 2 7462 9224