Maintaining your premium quality fruit and vegetable crop can be challenging in New Zealand’s harsh climate. That’s why we offer a variety of permanent and temporary protective cropping solutions. Our range of Wind break, Shelter Cloth, Shadecloth, Nettings, Galvanised Cable and Structural Canopy nets offer protection from the damage that crops can suffer due to strong winds such as wind rub and burn, frost, hail and birds.

Strong winds can limit the productivity and quality of your crop by breaking branches, lacerating flowers and leaves, bruising the fruit, or causing it to fall before it is ripe. Our products help deflect wind and provide a safe zone of reduced wind, reduced erosion, and reduced moisture loss.

Horticultural Shadecloth

At certain stages, different plants need different amounts of sun protection. For example, indoor plants can be hardened for office life if they are given an early stint under more shade. At 70% shade (where 70% of UV light is blocked), some plants struggle to get sunlight, so they become acclimatised to indoor conditions. Large net structures over citrus or berries will need more light (often only 30% UV blocking) to promote flowers and fruit. Commercial shade cloth, usually black, green or white, ranges from an open weave 30% to a tight weave 80% shade. Empak has experienced staff to assist in this important decision. You should also consult your horticultural industry for advice on New Zealand standards for accurate shade factors and crop applications.


  • Available in 50m rolls or cut lengths
  • 1.83m and 3.66m wide standard product yet other sizes available upon request
  • Colours available: white, black, green and other available on request
  • Knitted eyelets along both edges
  • Ideal for attaching shadecloth to canopy cables or shadehouse frames, joining rolls or securing to fences
  • UV stabilized with proven strength and tear resistance
  • 10-year pro rata UV degradation warranty
  • Ability to fabricate specifically to your needs
  • Cost effective